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Champagne all day long long!

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2017 is here and I think you should ask yourself: “Do I want flat sparkling water, Champis or bubbly champagne?” To me the answer is obvious. Champagne of course, everyday of the week!

When I came back to Sweden in August, after 14 months of traveling, I got a new colleague. She has a radiant and sparkling personality. When she, the second day, said something like “The atmosphere in the air can be like flat sparkling water, Champis or bubbly champagne, and I only want champagne!” all I could feel was, wow. That is exactly how it is. That’s the answer. That’s how life should feel like. So from now on my biggest mission in life is to make every day sparkle like champagne.

“Champagne? No? Well you know what, then I don’t want it. The water you can keep for yourself!”

She and her friend, who also has a sparkling personality, put something into words, something that I deeply and sincerely agree with. Something which seems obvious but is so easily forgotten in everyday life.

One has to fill the gaps in life with meaningfulness. You know those gaps that occur between all the musts. Fill them. Talk about something deep, laugh until you cry, dance like there is no tomorrow, call someone you care about, do something unexpected. Dare to be spontaneous. Don’t get stuck in routines. Live life to the fullest! 

It often becomes so important what other people think.

To live life to the fullest doesn’t necessarily mean the same to me as it does to you. But. And this I want to emphasize. I believe each one of us deep down knows exactly what he or she wants and is capable of. But unfortunately, we are expected to follow the norm, to fit in and be like everyone else. It often becomes so important what others think. You get stuck in thoughts such as “I can’t do that” or “What are people going to think?”.

Damn me if it doesn’t sparkle and bubble so much that I get dizzy. 

Now in 2017 I’m putting my foot down. Now I’m going to go my own way. I’m going to fill every day with meaningful bubbles. Damn me if it doesn’t sparkle and bubble so much that I get dizzy. Because that’s how I think life should be. You should feel something. A lot. Like a roller coaster.

Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t have to be about the big things, it’s more about finding the bubbles in the small things in life. And most important, at least for me, is to feel that I control my own life. That I dare to do what I want. That I dare to stay in the moment. Everything doesn’t have to be beautiful and pleasant. Sometimes it hurts. It’s ok if it hurts. But I want to live. Live life to the fullest!

Think about this. Next time when you’re on your way to to work a thought pops up. “What if I could just turn around and keep going, just drive away and do something else?”

You know what? Do it! Just keep going. What’s the worst thing that could happen? 

If you want champagne, make sure you get champagne!

However. I’m not you. I don’t want to preach to you.  Not in any way. Perhaps just wake you up a bit. If you want to be woken that is. I mean if you’re satisfied, then everything is fine. But. If you have a small tiny nagging feeling that life can be something more, then I want to say…yes it can…and it’s only YOU who can change that. If you want champagne, make sure you get champagne!

There is always going to be people who wants to put you in place, who wants to shake you so that the champagne turns flat and all the bubbles disappear. It is up to you if you should allow that or not.

Let’s give the Law of Jante the finger.

So, should we agree to do this? To not give a rat’s arse about what people think. Let’s give the Law of Jante the finger. Let’s do something unexpected. Something that we never did before. Something spontaneous. Let’s surround ourselves with people who adds a sense of bubbly, sparkling champagne to life!

I can honestly say that I never, not once, regretted something I did, but many times (more than what is healthy) things I didn’t do. Why did I say no when I wanted to say yes? Probably because I thought that that was what was expected of me.

I’m going to poor out the flat sparkling water and fill up with champagne.

Just sitting here thinking about it makes my pulse increase. I want, I can and I will. I’m going to follow my heart. Trust my heart. I’m going to fill every day with meaning. My meaning. Every day shall sparkle like champagne. I’m going to let the positive in and the negative out. Poor out the flat sparkling water and fill up with champagne.

“Hm, you seem a bit negative and flat, you know what, keep on moving.”  

“Wow, you sparkle, you seem exciting, let’s go for a coffee.” 

I’ll share one of my favorite poems with you:

Tell me if I’m disturbing you,
he said as he stepped inside my door,
and I’ll leave immediately.

Not only are you disturbing me,
I answered,
you’re disrupting my whole existence.

From Sånger om kärlek by  Eeva Kilpi (translated by me the best way I could 🙂 )

I love it! Champagne. Feelings. Life.

To summarize.

My New Year’s resolution is to let the bubbles in. Let it sparkle. I want to feel. I want to Live. I want to be in the moment and in all the gaps in between. I want to get to know new exciting people. Appreciate the people and the relationships I already have. Seize the moment. Go to places I never been to before. Tell someone I never spoken to “You seem like a lot of fun, I don’t know who you are but you seem exciting, let us just be and stay in the feeling. The present. Let us forget before and after.”

Let’s pop up some champagne. Say yes to life and all the bubbles. Cheers!

Do you have a New Year’s resolution? Please write a comment and let me know!

Over and out!

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