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Travel alone – 7 reasons why you should travel alone

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7 reasons why you should travel alone

To travel alone. Why is it that so many people are attracted by that? Freedom. Freedom is for me the immediate and natural answer. Freedom to totally on your own get to decide what, how and when to do something. 

It’s not difficult, and it doesn’t have much at all to do with courage. On the contrary, to be really honest, I think I’m more egoistic than brave to be traveling alone. 

Because I think it is so beyond compare delightful to travel alone I’ve listed 7 reasons why you should do exactly that. If you’re one of many who have already tried it you’ll probably agree with most of my reasons. Are you on the other hand one of all those thinking about leaving alone, these reasons can hopefully give you a push in the right direction. 

In one way it’s actually enough with only one reason. But come on, how fun would that be? Like I said, I enjoy lists and there will hardly be a list with only one thing listed.

So I’m breaking down reason number one (the only reason) into seven subheads.

You make all the decisions and everything is on your terms!

1. It’s easier to make it happen and actually get moving. Everything becomes easier since it’s only you. Everything, from getting time off work to planning the trip and deciding a budget. If you’re two or more, everyone has to agree which is not always easy. When it’s only you, you can’t  hide behind someone else and blame him or her that nothing happens. The pressure is on you to make things happen. That can be really good sometimes, and might be what you need.

2. You’re gonna meet and get to know more people. Because on the contrary to what many people think you’re very seldom alone while traveling alone. If you don’t choose to that is. You’re gonna notice that people will approach you in a different way. If you’re a bit shy I can almost promise you that you’ll open up and become more self-confident. 

3. You’re gonna grow as a person. You’re in charge and everything is on your terms. That  also means that you alone are responsible and have to make everything work. In one way or another that’s gonna lead to you growing as a person. I’m not necessarily talking about a I-left-for-Nepal-and-found-myself-and-became-a-new-person-kind-of-change. But you can’t ignore the fact that when you are pushed outside your comfort zone (which you will be) you grow as a person. You’re gonna realize that you’re capable of so much more than you think.

4. You can be spontaneous in a whole different way than back home. You have no one else to answer to and can therefore much easier be spontaneous. Remember. You are in charge.

5. You get to do everything at your own pace. It’s quite difficult and unusual to find another person who wants to do the exact same thing as you and also at your pace. Maybe you have experienced traveling with someone who you feel has to wait for you when you for example are taking 147 pictures of a stone which you think is absolutely stunning. Even if the said person kindly waits for you, you feel stressed. Or the other way around. Damn it, does he or she have to enter every lousy church. You’ll have none of that if you travel alone.

6. There will be no falling out with your travel partner. You’re traveling alone so there is no partner. That means no irritation, no fuss, no quarrelling, all those things which can easily occur when traveling with someone.  Yes, for sure you’re gonna meet people along the way, you might even end up traveling with them for a while. But, remember, everything is on your terms and if gets tough in any way you can just choose to go your own way again.

7. You’re gonna be proud of yourself. In the end, when it comes down to everything, you are the one who made everything possible. You booked all the tickets. You got yourself out of tricky situations. You now know that You can. You are fully capable of traveling alone. This makes you stronger and it’s a boost for your self-esteem. You’re gonna feel prod of yourself and you can with good conscience give yourself a pat on the shoulder.

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2 thoughts on “Travel alone – 7 reasons why you should travel alone

  1. Zoë

    What a wonderful post. Very positive and encouraging.

    Which place would you suggest to travel for someone who hasn’t travelled alone before? 🙂

    1. Elin Post author

      Thanks a lot Zoë! 🙂

      Well, it depends a bit on what you like. Big cities? Nature? Adventure?

      One country that comes to mind is Poland. There you can find cool cities but also beautiful nature, for example Zakopane in the south. It’s also relatively cheap.

      Or why not Sweden (where I come from) 🙂
      Everyone speaks English here. The down side is that it’s a pretty expensive country.

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