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A list with 31 new wow moments

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A list of 31 new things/experiences that have made me go wow!

Now that I have been backpacking for about ten months I’v collected a few more wow moments. I therefor think it’s time for a new list. 

Like last time the list has no ranking , I cherrish them all equally but in different ways.

1. To walk around among the hundreds of thousands of crosses, Hill of Crosses, Lithuania
Hill of crosses 2 (1 av 1) Hill of crosses 7 (1 av 1)

2. To sit on a roof terrace in Mostar with a glass of champagne while glazing out on the stunningly beautiful city, Bosnia
Mostar ny 3 (1 av 1)

3. Hiking in the Tatra Mountains  in Zakopane, Poland
Zakopane 15 (1 av 1)

4. To watch the sun rise above the Black Sea, during a three day long boat ride from Ukraine to Georgia
Färjan 2 (1 av 1)

5. To party at some of Yerevans hip and retro underground bars, Armenia
6. To climb Dune 45 and then sit there and watch the sun rise over a shimmering golden desert, Namibia
Dune 45 (1 av 1)

7. To skydive, Namibia

8. To bungee jump and bridge swing, Livingstone, Zambia
9. To sit at the edge of the enormously huge Fish River Canyon and watch the sun set, the glowing red sky giving a beautiful effect, Namibia
10. Silently gliding through the  Okavango Delta in a canoe, while elephants are grazing along the river bank, Botswana
11. To float like a cork in the Dead Sea, Israel

12. To celebrate Christmas in the Wadi Rum desert with some Saudis, Jordan
13. To visit the amazing Petra in Jordan
14. To sit face to face with a huge gorilla in the jungle of Uganda
gorilla 2 (1 av 1)

15. To sit among friends with some bottles of wine on the long beach in Tel Aviv, Israel
16. To dance all night long to dancehall music in one of Kingstons many nightclubs, Jamaica
17. To stroll around in Havanna where it feels as if time has stood still, Cuba
18. To feel safe and being helped by strangers after ending up in a hospital in Cuba without any money at all. Taxi, food, accommodation…they help me with everything. That’s love!
19. To go horseback riding in the beautiful Dominican Republic
20. To walk around the old ruins of Jerash in Jordan
Jerash 4 (1 av 1)

21. To hang over the edge of the Victoria Falls, Devil’s pool, Zambia
22. White water rafting in class 4-5 rivers, Zambia
Rafting (1 av 1)

23. To be surprised with a crazy big birthday party, Tel Aviv, Israel
24. To camp next to the beautiful Lake Malawi, Malawi
25. Hiking in the mountains in gorgeous Georgia

Georgia, hiking

26. To sleep under the stars in the middle of nowhere, Botswana and Namibia
27. To spend time on stunningly beautiful beaches in the Caribbean
28. To climb the Acatenango vulcano and then watch the sun rise at the same time as the Fuego vulcano is erupting in front of my eyes, it made me speechless, Guatemala
29. To sit on the top of a Maya ruin watching the sun rise over the jungle and hearing the howler monkeys sound like Tyrannosaurus Rex, Tikal, Guatemala
30. To watch 30 or so elephants marching  towards a waterhole right next to where I’m camping, Chobe National Park, Botswana
31. To travel around Ukraine, wow, the people, the country! 

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Please write a comment and share your own wow moments with me!

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