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9 countries I dream of going to

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9 alluring countries 

Below is a list of nine countries that I day dream about. In my fantasy I have already been to all of them, and in a not to far future I will turn the fantasy into reality. I can’t wait.

1. Belarus
Belarus, said to be Europes least democratic country where human rights regularly are violated. It might not sound like the worlds most fun place to go to. However, I think it sounds interesting. I want to travel around in the country and meet the people living there and see how they look at the situation. I’ve only seen and heard the media’s version.  

2. Rumania
Dracula is the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear someone mention Rumania. Of course I wanna go there and see the Bran Castle which is marketed as Dracula’s castle even though neither Count Dracula nor Bram Stoker’s  made up figure ever lived there. Other places I wanna visit in Rumania is the Medieval village Brașov and the amzingly beautiful castle Peleș in Sinaia. 

3. Moldavia, plus the self-proclaimed republic Transnistria (the plastic money country)
I’ve heard both good and less good things about this country. I wanna form my own opinion. I would also like to go to Transnistria to get myself some plastic coins.

Belarus, Rumania and Moldavia are all countries that I’ve wanted to visit for a really long time. During my last trip, which lasted for about 14 month, I got really close. But since I didn’t have a plan and rather took every day as it came I just happened to end up in Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia instead. Which by the way are three countries I can highly recommend.  They all qualify on my top 10 list of favorite countries in the world (of the 87 I so far have been to) 

4. Iceland
Northern Lights, Icelandic horses and hot Springs. Enough said! 

5. South Korea
When someone mentions South Korea I immediately think about K-pop, Seoul and beauty. I think that their obsession with beauty is both fascinating and a bit scary. During my last trip I met a South Korean who told me that it’s not a big deal at all to go through surgery to become more beautiful.
What is most alluring to me though, is Seoul, I’m so curious about that city!

6. Taiwan
In Taiwan, the island where influences from Japan , China and the West meet, I wanna go to places like Wulai Hot Spring, and I wanna go hiking in Alishan.

7. Morocco
Marrakesh, Marrakesh, Marrakesh.

8. Colombia
Most of you might think about cocaine, kidnapping and corruption, but Colombia no longer deserve it. The list of things I wanna see and experience can go on forever but i will settle with just one thing for now. The lost city, Ciudad Perdida, which was built about 650 years before Machu Picchu. 

9. New Zealand
New Zealand makes me think of spectacular nature,  Maori people and an occasional hobbit.

What countries do you dream about. Feel free to write a comment and let me know!

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2 thoughts on “9 countries I dream of going to

  1. Cameron

    Romania, Iceland and New Zealand are all amazing! You’ll love them! Moldova is interesting as well. Hopefully we can see some of the others on your list next time we meet up. Great list! 🙂

    1. Elin Post author

      That would be great Cameron, to see some of them together.
      Belarus seems really interesting, can’t wait to go there.

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