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7 unnecessary things to bring when backpacking the world

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7 unnecessary things to bring when backpacking the world


I’m fully aware that these seven unnecessary things are unnecessary, and that I really don’t need them. Despite that they slip down into my backpack as if they had their own life.

7 unnecessary things that I insist carrying around the world 

1. Nail polish – and now I’m not talking about one or two of them, because that would be kind of easy to sneak down into one of the small compartments in the bag. No, it’s more like seventy-nine different colors ranging from transparent to bright pink. So, does this result in constantly beautifully painted nails? The answer is NO. But still they are with me on every trip I make. It’s like I keep thinking that one day it will happen, but no, my nails remain unpainted. Despite that I can almost promise you that they somehow will make their way into my bag on my next trip too.

2. A garment roller – maybe you wonder how often I really use a garment roller while backpacking. My answer is – never! And why the heck would I when I don’t even use one at home? Well, I can’t really answer why. I somehow keep thinking it might come in handy. Never does. To my defense though, a garment roller doesn’t take much space at all, at least not compared to all the nail polish. Plus you can remove the handle. But to be honest it took me about six months to figure that out, but let’s not talk more about that.

3. A skipping-rope – that has been used once, I repeat, once. And that’s during a total of almost three years of traveling. Enough said.

4. High heels – I ‘ve had as many as three pairs in my backpack at once. I guess it’s debatable whether it is worthwhile or not. Many would probably say it’s not. I must add though that there actually has been times when I have worn them. But I still have to admit that it’s not worth carrying them around the world, however pretty they may be.

5. One – sometimes two – pair of jeans too many. I never learn. ONE pair is enough. Period.

6. An inspiration folder – between my trips I collect various articles, pictures and lists which I put in a folder. Kind of like a scrapbook with a travel theme. Even though it’s nice to have the folder with me it’s definitely not necessary.  It’s extra weight plus it takes too much space.

7. A first aid kit – knock on wood, but I never yet needed things like gauzes, surgical tape, wound disinfection, ointments and pain killers. Next time I’ll just bring a few plasters. I think I’ll be fine, I mean pharmacies do exist outside Sweden as well. 🙂 

What about you, do you have something you keep bringing with you when you travel even though you don’t really need it? I’m curious. Please write a comment and let me know!

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