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Bucket list; places I wanna see and things I wanna do

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My Bucket List

Even though I’ve traveled a lot and been to many amazing places, there are still so much more I wanna see and experience. Therefor I’ve put together this bucket list. The list is constantly growing, and you are more than welcome to tell me about new exciting places that I could go to! Inspire me please!


Bucket list:

1. Visit 100 countries (so far I’ve been to 87)

2. A gondola ride in Venice

3. Get married in Vegas

4. Take a road trip through USA

5. Open up a bar or a café, preferably in Armenia

6. Work as a dive instructor

7. Learn at least one more language 

8. Live abroad again

9. Going trekking in Nepal

10. Hitchhike through Eastern Europe

11. Travel to Iceland to see the Northern Lights

12. Publish a book

13. Drink beer at the Oktoberfest, of course dressed in the traditional clothes

14. Walk the whole El Camino, all the 1600 km

15. Swing at the end of the world in Banos in Ecuador

16. The Tunnel of Love in Ukraine

17. Swim in the Blue Lagoon, Iceland

18. Go to the Galapagos Islands

19. Visit Dracula’s Castle in Rumania

20. Stand at the edge of The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

21. Go hiking on the Greenland ice sheet

22. See the statues on Easter Island, Chile

23. Stay one night at Montana Magica Lodge i Chile

In the two following lists you can read about the things that earlier were on my bucket list but that I now have had the chance to experince.

Top 49 wow moments

A list with 31 new wow moments

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