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Who am I?

Elin Nyqvist, a Swedish woman with a burning desire to explore the whole world. My two most used tags on instagram are #letsgoeverywhere and #wanderlust. So far I have been to 87 countries and I have made several long trips. The longest once have lasted for seven months, twelve months and fourteen months. In August 2016 I came back to Sweden after over a year long solo trip around the world. 

I spent a big part of my childhood in Africa, more specifically Liberia and Kenya. I think that has affected me a lot.

I believe my wanderlust got to me there and then. Maybe in a tent on the savannah with lions right outside. Maybe when I saw Lake Nakuru filled with thousands of flamingoes, it looked as if the lake had said goodnight and covered itself with a big fluffy pink blanket. Or maybe it was when I watched the Maasais dancing in the dusk. 

I think the more impressions you get as a child the more inclined you are to keep searching for more experiences. I have a restlessness inside of me which I see as something positive. I will never stop exploring.

Tatrabergen, Slovakien


Why have I made this website?
I enjoy writing  and photography has always been a great interest of mine, plus it’s fun to share my adventures and experiences with you. I hope to be able to inspire you, give a few advices and hopefully even make you smile. 🙂  

Filippinerna, middag på en öde strand


What do I write about?
This blog is originally in Swedish and I just recently started translating it into English. That’s why there are not so many posts in English yet. But I’m working on it.

Firstly I write about my travels, I describe where I have been and what I have experienced. I also keep writing various lists about everything and nothing and I try to give some travel advice.

On Thursdays I usually  publish ThrowbackThursday where I write about a chosen place that I have been to before. On Fridays I post one of my favorite photos.  

I also have  a bucket list which keeps growing and a gallery which keeps getting bigger as well.

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