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I overstayed at Overstay Hostel, Tel Aviv


I arrived at the hostel I had been recommended to stay at, The Overstay Hostel in Tel Aviv, and booked one night. One night that turned in to more than 40 nights. How did that happen?

Well to begin with I arrived at Overstay on a Thursday, which happens to be the day that everyone goes out to the club Lima Lima at night. My intention was to check in and then call it an early night. But then again, I’m not the person that always sticks to her plans. I also don’t like saying no to an opportunity to have some fun, and Effie, one of the managers, surely made it sound like a lot of fun.

So instead of going to bed I dragged my tired ass up to the roof top where the hostel bar is. After a few drinks I forgot that I was tired and had a really good time.

Later we went to Cofix BAR which I can recommend for all thirsty party animals. Everything there costs only 5 NIS (typ 12kr) wine, beer and shots! Then finally we ended up at Lima Lima where we danced until early morning.

All this led to me not being able to check out in time so I had to extend my stay.

And as Overstay has a crazy good vibe and the people working there all are awesome in their own weird and crazy ways I kept extending. 

I had two weeks of just exploring Tel Aviv, even if I often didn’t make it further than Old Jaffa, the beach or somewhere in Florentin. If you ask me those are the three best places in Tel Aviv anyway. 

With my new friends we day drank wine and beer, usually on the beach, and in the evenings we chilled on the roof top of Overstay or went out to a club. As you probably can tell I had an amazing time!

I never wanted to leave, and as Overstay is a volunteer based hostel and I already felt like a part of the family I thought, why not volunteer here for a while. So I did. For four crazy fun weeks.

I got really close to all the volunteers, the managers and many of the guests. On my birthday they threw me an unforgettable birthday party. Thank you guys, I’ll never forget that night!

I’ll always remember you:
Robert, the crazy Russian who makes the best pasta
Marina, the bitch who knows how to be a real friend
Sveta, the nice Ukrainian with a broken leg
Mina, the sweet German girl, with a crazy inside
Amélie, the crazy, beautiful French girl
Ronnie, the weirdo, weeeiiird!
Yael, the manager with the cutest laugh
Effie, the manager who never says no to a party
Anna, the girl who is obsessed with Harry Potter
Shay, the bubbly giggly girl
Leigh, the guy who always makes me laugh
Danielle, the best interviewer in the world
Caroline, the cool girl I went to Haifa with
Oliva, the beautiful French creative girl
Mark, the lovely Irish who gave me a present made out of his pants
Max, the crazy and really fun guy, and did I mention crazy
Eros, the Italian with the biggest smile
David, the Italian who is really good at playing the guitar
Harrison, the guy who loved the couch
Santiago, the guy who left us for Haifa
Maitiú, the guy who sang the loudest in the bar
Justyn, the guy who first didn’t wanna go to Cofix because he thought they only served coffee
Alla, the girl who kept me company during my nightshifts
Bret, the guy who showed me Kinder ice
Jorrit, who I went to a pub crawl with
Lurant, who is a master at making popcorn
Eduardo, who always smiles
Valentin, the amazing artist

I probably forgot someone, let me know if I did and I’ll add you 🙂

If you ever go to Tel Aviv, which you should, make sure you stay at Overstay Hostel! But be careful, it’s very easy to overstay 🙂

Over and out

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  1. Cameron Cobb


    I was wondering what happened to make you stay for so long! Haha. So glad I can stay up to date with you through your wonderful stories. Sounds like I should have picked a different hostel! Happy you found a temporary home and had such a great time!!

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